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Introducing Sunshine, the candle that captures the sunny and carefree spirit of Muskoka in a jar! Light up this delightful candle and let the aromas of juicy clementine, zesty grapefruit, and luscious berries infuse your space with a burst of citrusy goodness. Close your eyes and imagine being on a lakeside getaway, basking in the warm rays of the sun, surrounded by lush greenery. As the cheerful scent fills the air, you can almost feel the gentle breeze on your face and hear the soothing sounds of nature. Sunshine is like a vacation in a candle, reminding you to slow down, savor the moments, and embrace the joy of simple pleasures. So whether you're dreaming of Muskoka or simply looking to brighten up your day, let Sunshine be your go-to scent that lifts spirits and spreads happiness, one flickering flame at a time!